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Facilitating Uzbekistan`s accession to the WTO

  • Facilitating Uzbekistan`s accession to the WTO

    Facilitating Uzbekistan`s Accession to the WTO is a five-year initiative funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC).

    The project aims to support Uzbekistan's development plans
    to modernize its economy through leveraging the process of country`s accession to the WTO.

    The advancements

    The project will contribute to Uzbekistan's economic development through the creation of a trade environment that is in conformity with the WTO rules.

    Here is a look at the five outputs to support Uzbekistan's accession to the WTO:

    Output 1

    Informed drafting of documentation/negotiating positions required for WTO accession process

    Output 2

    Enhanced capacity for the development of specific sectoral laws and regulations to align Uzbekistan's national trade policy with the requirements for WTO Membership

    Output 3

    A need to increase policy makers understanding of the WTO accession process and legal framework

    Output 4

    Strengthened national institutional capacity for SPS/TBT & Trade Facilitation compliance in line with WTO obligations

    Output 5

    Enhanced awareness of stakeholders, including women's associations, about WTO accession

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