• Climate resilience and adaptation: raffia production in Makira Natural Park, north-east Madagascar

    by Joseph J. Bailey

    Wednesday, 26 Aug. 2015

    This blog was originally posted on Geography Directions , the associated site for RGS-IBG Journals and Geography Compass, Wiley-Blackwell’s review journal covering the entire discipline.   “ Support for women's associations in Madagascar to enhance raffia production is also helping the conservation of bi Read More

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  • Bouquets and Briquettes - Don’t let that waste be wasted

    by Martina Bozzola

    Friday, 14 Aug. 2015

    Martina Bozzola explores new business models for managing green waste generated by the flower sector in Uganda Last month, I walked through vast fields of flowers in Uganda. Beautiful as they are, I wasn’t interested in their blooming buds, but rather their thorns, stems and roots. I was v Read More

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  • Troisième examen de la politique commerciale de Madagascar: les 14 et 16 Juillet 2015 à l’OMC

    by Nydiane Razafindrahaingo

    Wednesday, 29 Jul. 2015

      Le troisième examen de la politique commerciale de Madagascar s’est tenu à l’Organisation Mondiale du Commerce (OMC) les 14 et 16 Juillet 2015. L’examen des pratiques commerciales est un exercice prescrit dans les accords de l’OMC, au cours duquel les politiques commerciales et connexes des pays Membres so Read More

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  • “Not paradise, but close to the heavens” – Why Gender and Institutions Matter in Adapting to Climate Change in the Peruvian Andes

    by Alexander Kasterine

    Wednesday, 28 Jan. 2015

    Farmers in the developing world are bearing the brunt of climate change. None more so than campesinos in the Peruvian Andes who already live and work in some of the world’s harshest conditions. Recent years have seen declining rainfall and increasing pests, both of which reduce farm yields. Reduced yields means le Read More

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  • How Climate Change Threatens Agri-business and Livelihoods in Africa

    by Alexander Kasterine

    Friday, 16 Jan. 2015

    The International Trade Centre (ITC) helps flower producers in Uganda cut emissions to meet sustainability standards. In 2014, the Trade and Environment Programme (TEP) launched its Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) project designed to reduce the carbon emission in Uganda's flower sector and hence farms' reduc Read More

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