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    1. Training on Export Business Management

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    2. Training on Product Design and Development
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    These trainings were delivered directly to the coaches by the Spanish Design School Fundación Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI) – Fundesarte, over the course of five live workshops:
    Each workshop contained the following modules:
    The coaches went on to replicate these workshops for participant companies in all six countries. In addition, they are providing individual coaching sessions to each company, helping guide their product development process for online sales channels.

    3. Training on e-commerce
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    The e-commerce activities are divided into four training workshops organised by the trainers in each country, who were previously trained by the ecomConnect team at ITC. All participant companies from the e-commerce component of the project also participate in these training workshops.
    In addition to the workshops, ITC organises several e-labs to provide specific support to the most advanced companies. The e-labs combine testing, measuring and learning. By testing different online channels and digital marketing techniques and measuring the performance, the more advanced participant companies are able to develop their e-commerce strategy and share their learnings with the beginners.

    To scale the e-lab methodology and leverage the knowledge and experience of the advanced businesses that received one-on-one e-commerce coaching, ITC has launched an e-commerce leadership programme. The businesses that participated in the e-labs are now taking on a mentoring role to share their learnings and experience with less advanced businesses from the project. 38 companies are currently enrolled in the ITC e-commerce leadership programme, which strengthens the regional component of the project by matching mentors and mentees from different Central American countries. At the end of the programme, ITC will organise a pitch session where the 19 teams will present their work.

    Launched at the end of 2019, the eBay Central America Hub promoted a unique selection of jewellery, textiles, ceramics, leather and wooden products handmade by more than 45 Central American artisans and designers enrolled in the project. With the Central America Hub, eBay enables the women entrepreneurs to promote their products beyond domestic markets, potentially reaching millions of new customers around the world.

    Some of the women-led businesses also opened stores on Etsy or developed their own webshops to promote their unique handmade pieces.

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