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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    WEDF 2011

    Valikonagi Caddesi
    34298 Harbiye- Sisli, Istanbul – Turkey
    Phone: +90 (0)212 233 2720 – Fax: +90 (0)212 296 8618



    Open this section to access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) containing information of use to you before the event starts, such as who can register and how.

    Who can register?
    WEDF can be attended by invitation only. Participants attending the LDC IV conference but not yet registered for WEDF are invited to come register at the ITC office on the 1st floor of the Harbiye Cultural Centre and Military Museum, only a few steps away from the main LDC IV Lufti Kirdar Convention Centre, in Istanbul. Priority will be given to participants from ITC focal countries, specifically least developed countries, landlocked developing countries, small island developing states and sub-Saharan Africa.

    How can I register?
    Online registration is now closed. If you are registered for LDC IV but not yet for WEDF please come register at the ITC office on the 1st floor of the Harbiye Cultural Centre and Military Museum, only a few steps away from the main LDC IV Lufti Kirdar Convention Centre, in Istanbul.

    How much does it cost?
    Registration to and participation in the WEDF 2011 is free of charge.

    Do I have to apply for a visa?
    Depending on your nationality, a visa may be required. Please find all visa requirements and necessary information here. ITC does not handle the visa requests and processes for participants as they need to be handled by the respective people within the relevant countries/embassies. The Turkish authorities will do their utmost to facilitate access procedures for all participants.

    Countries with no official Turkish representation:
    Special visa-on-arrival arrangements will be made for accredited participants from countries where no Turkish mission exists.For more details on such arrangements, click here. For these participants Global Compact issues letters on specific request by ITC’s WEDF team.

    Do I have to pay for my travel and lodging expenses?Participants are responsible for their own travel costs, except in circumstances pre-defined with ITC. Participants whose lodging expenses are covered will be provided with details and registration information directly by e-mail from ITC.

    Do I need to arrange my own itinerary and book the hotel room?
    Each participant is responsible for arranging their own travel arrangements and booking their hotel room.

    Which hotel does ITC recommend?
    Please see our list of recommended hotels.


    Open this section to access FAQs of use whilst you're at the event. You will find information such as where the venue is and how to get there.

    Where is the WEDF venue?
    Same venue as the LDC IV accreditation centre:
    34298 Harbiye- Sisli, ISTANBUL - TURKEY
    Phone: (+90) (0)212-2332720 – Fax: +90 (0)212-2968618
    This venue is only a few steps away from the main LDC IV Lufti Kirdar Convention Centre, in Istanbul. For more information on this venue please click here

    Do I need to arrange for transportation on arrival and when going to the venue?
    All participants must arrange transportation on their own. Please also consider arranging for bus transportation from the hotel to the WEDF venue if your hotel is not within walking distance.

    Where and when do I register in Turkey?Conference passes can be picked up starting from 4 May 2011 at the LDC IV Accreditation Centre at the Harbiye Cultural Centre and Military Museum (same venue as WEDF).

    What documents will be provided upon registration?
    Upon registration you will receive your identity badge and all LDC-IV-related documents. WEDF-specific documentation will be available at the WEDF registration desk or on the WEDF website

    What is the working language?
    WEDF is conducted in English. We are currently working to organize simultaneous interpretation from English to French and vice versa but this is not confirmed yet. The programme is available in French on the WEDF website.

    Will there be full board?
    Lunch and dinner on 10 May will be provided by the WEDF organizers.

    Where can I find more information?
    Information notes containing other practical information for all LDC IV participants are available in 6 languages on the LDC IV website

    WEDF Team Contact?
    WEDF Team
    Communications and Events
    International Trade Centre
    Palais des Nations, CH-1211
    Geneva 10, Switzerland
    +41 22 730 0111

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