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    Thursday, 09 October 2008

    Plenary Reporting from Breakout Series 1 and 2: Acting on Consumer Conscience - Challenges and Possible Responses

    • Ernst von Kimakowitz, Co-founder, The Humanistic Management Network, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
    • Gavin Staude, Director, Rhodes University Investec Business School, South Africa
    • Roland Higgins, Policy Advisor, Rainforest Alliance, Belgium
    • Jacqueline Coté, ICC Permanent Representative in Geneva, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
    • Anthony Lumby, President, International Interdisciplinary Environmental Association, South Africa
    • Asad Naqvi, Programme Officer, UNEP-Economics and Trade Branch Coordinator, UNEP-UNCTAD, Capacity Building Task Force on Trade, Environment and Development (CBTF)
    • Samira Ahmed, Presenter and Correspondent, United Kingdom

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