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    Awards summary

    The WTPO Awards is a biennial international activity of the global TPO Network established to recognize outstanding performance in TPO processes and initiatives.
    Winners of the WTPO Awards 2018 were announced on 25 October during the gala dinner of the 12th WTPO Conference in Paris.

    Winners were recognized for demonstrating outstanding performance of export development programmes.

    Participants applied under three categories:

    • Best use of a partnership
    • Best use of information technology
    • Best initiative to ensure that trade is inclusive and sustainable

    'These awards recognize trade and investment promotion organizations that promote sustainable, inclusive growth through trade, thus creating a transformational impact on business,’

    WTPO Awards

    Since 2004, the WTPO Awards has been recognizing outstanding TPO practices by promoting success, innovation, and the sharing of excellence.

    There are over 150 trade and investment promotion organizations around the world creating programmes and initiatives to support their exporting communities.

    Every two years, the International Trade Centre partners with a national TPO to host the TPO Network Conference. This is when we celebrate inspiring organizations creating trade impact for good.

    The WTPO Awards are open to national trade promotion organizations (TPO) mandated by the government to promote the country’s national export strategy. Some of these institutions also engage in investment promotion (TIPO).


    The jury is comprised of distinguished TPO practitioners including a senior representative of each of the TPOs that won at the previous TPO Network Awards.

     What Makes a Winner 2018 - English

    Winners’ Booklet

    The Winners' Booklet,

    What makes a winner?
    Comment gagner?
    ¿Qué se necesita para ganar?

    offers a brief profile of each of the winning Export Development Initiatives and the good practices used by the TPOs that provide them.

    The winners

    Best use of a partnership:

    QDB TASDEER, an arm of the Qatar Development Bank, launched the Export Readiness Initiative in 2014. Working with Business France, it has helped to mitigate economic challenges created by a slump in oil prices and an unpredictable geopolitical environment. In recent years, exports diversified into healthcare, engineering, information technology and jewellery. New export markets include China, Oman, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Turkey. Some businesses reported four times the number of export customers after participating in the initiative.

    • Award of recognition:

    Korea Trade-Invest Promotion Agency’s (KOTRA) Export Voucher Programme offers a ‘cash-like coupon’ for businesses to purchase export support services online. Services cover four stages: Export preparation, finding business partners, contract support and overseas expansion. Through this programme, more than 2,600 enterprises increased exports by 7.2%. Revenues grew by 7.6% from 2016-2017.

    Best use of information technology:

    Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) has developed an online facility – the GEPA Market Hub – to deliver trade information to the export community, as well as external buyers. The Market Hub has enabled 24/7 access to trade information previously only available in print or at the GEPA offices.

    • Award of recognition:

    Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) established an online platform, Cleantech CUBE, which promotes Swiss suppliers of clean technologies to foreign markets. Cleantech technologies include renewable energy, efficiency and other environmental technologies.

    Best initiative to ensure that trade is inclusive and sustainable:

    Nigerian Export Promotion Council introduced Zero to Export to train exporters on the export process, provide advice on products and markets, and enhance their marketing and management skills. New exports valued at $30 million per year included ginger, cashew kernels, cocoa products, hibiscus, sesame seeds, columbite for use in alloys, monalite for use in engineering and zircon.

    • Award of recognition:

    The Export Development Authority of Egypt designed the Green Trade Initiative to build export capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those selling agricultural products to Europe. A midterm evaluation found that export sales of participating companies increased by $6 million and 120 export leads were identified in Italy and the Netherlands.

    Executive Director’s Award

    ITC’s Executive Director Award recognizes TPO services that contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry developed a cooperation project to raise incomes and create jobs in rural areas through value addition in sea buckthorn, a local berry, and sheep wool value chains.

    Short listed nominees

    Also deserving of recognition are the 4 TPOs also shortlisted for this year’s awards:
    Austria, Mauritius, State of Palestine, Peru.

    2018 jury

    The WTPO Awards jury is comprised of the senior members from the following TPOs:

    • The previous year’s first place TPO Network Award winners;
    • The past and current TPO Network World Conference hosts;
    • The Director of ITC’s Division of Business and Institutional Support

    The panel is chaired by ITC’s Executive Director




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