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Sweet results for Fijian chocolate exports

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    Bula! My name is Tomo Zukoshi, the owner of Adi Chocolate Fiji. Our company has been supported by the ITC to acquire HACCP certificate in December 2014. I have also passed ISO22000 lead auditor's exam which was part of the programme as well. 


    Food Safety is our prime importance since we make chocolate from local cacao beans in difficult environmental, economic and cultural conditions experienced in Fiji. It`s our responsibility to trace back the raw material supply and quality, to monitor the process following guidelines and make sure our products are safe from all possible hazards, as my children, our community, country and the world market will consume our Fiji made chocolate. As a business owner, lack of food safety will not only harm the consumers but will damage the reputation of the business itself. 


    Through the 16 months of training for HACCP qualification  we started to realise that recording of our daily activities based on documents which we created actually helps standardise the manufacturing system. We learnt, also that food safety in a company depends on the cooperation and collaboration of every individual, from the farmers to the manufacturing workers and to the consumers. 


    After certification we got large department store`s orders from Japan, as well as good sales lead from USA. More distributers are starting to approach us from all over the world. Food security must be the prime foundation of food related businesses, as enhancing it also increases the potential of the business and safety of every consumer. 



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    Khemraj Ramful

    Senior Adviser, Export Quality Management