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    ITC publishes books, a magazine, trade bulletins and online trade statistics, targeting small firms in developing countries and trade support institutions.  ITC’s latest business guides are now free online.  Print versions can be purchased online from ITC's E-shop.

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  • Tourism and Trade: A Global Agenda for Sustainable Development

    Tourism's huge potential for job growth and sustainable development justifies a greater share of aid and coordinated export strategies, outlined in this joint ITC- UNWTO report.

    Just 0.78% of Aid for Trade went to tourism in 2013, though the sector accounts for 6% of developing countries’ exports. To reach its potential, tourism requires strong, coordinated action around tourism export strategies that address different frameworks governing the flows of travellers, services, goods and foreign direct investment. The report illustrates trade, investment and visa policies from the perspectives of the tourist journey and the tourism value chain.

    Publication Date: 14 Sept. 2015

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