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    ITC publishes books, a magazine, trade bulletins and online trade statistics, targeting small firms in developing countries and trade support institutions.  ITC’s latest business guides are now free online.  Print versions can be purchased online from ITC's E-shop.

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  • Status, Opportunities and Challenges of BRICS e-commerce

    BRICS countries – Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China, and South Africa – are becoming increasingly important players in the global e-commerce market.

    This joint report by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and ITC examines business-to-clients e-commerce markets in each BRICS country in the context of global e-commerce trends, analysing their growth trajectories, business ecosystems and regulatory frameworks. It identifies key bottlenecks for BRICS to further tap into their e-commerce potential and provides policy recommendations, including streamlining customs procedures, adapting taxation systems, improving infrastructure, strengthening the knowledge and skills of small businesses, and enhancing the cooperation both among the BRICS and internationally.

    Publication Date: 22 Aug. 2017

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