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    ITC publishes books, a magazine, trade bulletins and online trade statistics, targeting small firms in developing countries and trade support institutions.  ITC’s latest business guides are now free online.  Print versions can be purchased online from ITC's E-shop.

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  • International E-Commerce in Africa: The Way Forward

    African enterprises can be successful in international e-commerce, provided they are supported to address financial, infrastructure and socio-political barriers.

    In Africa, there is enormous potential – the e-commerce market is projected to soar to US$ 50 billion, up from US$ 8 billion in 2013. This report outlines common concerns of African small and medium-sized business owners, based on surveys, interviews and literature review. To move forward, the report recommends public-private sector initiatives, institutional and corporate capacity building, shared structures and technology, and improved access to transport and logistics.

    Publication Date: 14 Dec. 2015

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