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    ITC publishes books, a magazine, trade bulletins and online trade statistics, targeting small firms in developing countries and trade support institutions.  ITC’s latest business guides are now free online.  Print versions can be purchased online from ITC's E-shop.

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  • E-Commerce in China: Opportunities for Asian Firms

    This joint ITC-Alibaba publication reviews the context of e-commerce development in China and identifies what is needed for foreign firms to enter the market.

    China's cross-border e-commerce has been growing rapidly in recent years. This development has brought new and innovative ways to access markets, presenting significant potential for neighbouring countries, especially SMEs in Asia, to increase their trade with China.
    The report provides an overview of China’s cross-border e-commerce and the background of its rapid growth; how e-commerce contributed to rural development in China and lessons of inclusive growth can be applied by other countries; and how Asian SMEs can get into China’s e-commerce.

    Publication Date: 10 Oct. 2016

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