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    ITC publishes books, a magazine, trade bulletins and online trade statistics, targeting small firms in developing countries and trade support institutions.  ITC’s latest business guides are now free online.  Print versions can be purchased online from ITC's E-shop.

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  • Guide to Chinese private investment in Africa: Insights from SME competitiveness surveys

    Private investment from China into Africa is significant but its potential for increasing local productivity largely underestimated. The main challenge for investors is finding information on the availability and quality of local suppliers.

    This new ITC report aims to address this challenge. It uses data from its Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Competitiveness Surveys to provide information on the capability of firms and quality of business ecosystems in a range of sectors in five African countries: the Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, and Zambia. These insights help Chinese private investors develop better partnerships and contribute to the development of local economies.

    Publication Date: 02 Nov. 2018

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