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    INTEGRA-ITC: Forging the technical and professional skills of young Guineans

    The Support Program for the Socio-Economic Integration of Youth (INTEGRA) programme centres around the development of technical and professional skills for Guinea’s youth and industries.

    A joint initiative of the Government of Guinea and the European Union (EU), INTEGRA is part of the Valletta Trust Fund to reduce irregular migration to Europe. The programme focuses on strengthening the capabilities of local institutions by addressing their needs to better serve the country’s private sector.

    As such, INTEGRA will contribute to the prevention and limitation of irregular migration by supporting the socio-professional integration of young Guineans and the reintegration of returning migrants.


  • EU

    INTEGRA Guinea is financed by the European Union

  • Guinée
  • Contact:

    Aissatou Diallo
    Senior Coordinator, AfCFTA and LDCs
    +41-22 730 0284


    Syed, Sadiq
    +41 22 73 00 299