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    Addressing women-specific trade constraints to unlock economic benefits in Africa thumbnail

    Increased participation of women in trade in Africa leads to economic diversification, increased regional trade and, ultimately, poverty reduction. However, women’s economic potential is held back by specific constraints, such as lack of access to information,...


    A new study finds that close to half a million python skins are reported as exported annually from South-East Asia. The main importer is the European fashion and leather industry. The study raises concerns over the illegality in parts of the trade, animal welfare issues and the trade’s impact on the conservation of python populations.


    Sub-Saharan Africa could reap $35bn annually from trade facilitation and infrastructure investmentsThe International Trade Centre (ITC) today announced the findings of a major analysis of sub-Saharan Africa’s trade potential, which shows that the region...

    Easing the burden of non-tariff barriers

    Desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial, la política de comercio tiene una historia de notable éxito en la reducción de aranceles.

    MAR Training (B)

    Geneva-based African officials are trained in how to use and take advantage of ITC’s market analysis tools. 

    Central Kigali (B).

    Kigali meeting puts focus on impact of free-trade agreement between main trade blocs in Eastern and Southern Africa

    Yanyong Phuangrach

    Global trade and barriers to trade were among the main topics at a visit to ITC by a delegation from Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce.


    ITC’s Trade Support and Regional Integration Programme for the Côte d’Ivoire (PACIR) will on 7 and 8 June host a workshop in Abidjan to inform and discuss about the commercial aspects and implications of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). ITC will...


    Strengthening the trade regulatory framework will help Haiti’s government build a trusting relationship with the private sector.  That’s according to H.E. Mr. Wilson Laleau, Haiti’s Minister of Trade during a meeting with the International Trade...


    Un nuevo informe sobre el acceso al mercado, la transparencia y la igualdad en el comercio mundial elaborado por el Centro de Comercio Internacional (ITC) concluye que “el acceso al mercado comienza en casa”. En él, se pone de manifiesto que la reducción de los obstáculos...

  • World Tariff Profiles 2010
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