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  • Executive Forum 2002

    25-28 September - Montreux, Switzerland

    Managing Competitive Advantage: The Values of National Strategy

    Friday, 27 September

    Session 3: Adding Value -- Building Value-Addition Alliances - What Works?


    The Issue:

    Two critical objectives of export strategy are to:

    • maximize local content (labour, materials, production process, entrepreneurship, management and finance) of the existing export base.
    • generate business complementarities that will broaden the export base (products and services) and lead to the emergence of new areas of competitiveness.

    Both objectives involve the value-addition alliances within, and among local industries.

    Developing country strategy-makers do not give adequate attention to promoting the development of in-country value-addition alliances. Currently, value-addition is largely seen as a result of foreign direct investment or transfer of technology from other countries.

    The Proposition:

    Enormous scope exists for value-addition in the national “export mix” through in-country partnerships (public sector-private sector and private sector-private sector). National strategy-makers should, therefore, pay greater attention to this aspect of competitive advantage.


    Various in-country value-addition schemes have been introduced by developed and developing countries as part of national export strategy. Some schemes work. Others don't. Some schemes work in some countries, but not in others.


    What lessons can be drawn from national experience? Are there any common do's and don'ts that the national strategy-maker should be aware of? Are there any "best practice" scenarios? What agencies in the national trade support network should take the lead in promoting/fostering value-addition alliances?


    These questions will be the focus of debate during this session.


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