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    Ibero American Network

    The Ibero American Network of Trade Promotion Organizations was constituted on June 17, 1999 as an itinerant conference; it is not a formal association or legal entity. 

    Its objective is to foster the exchange of experiences and communication on relevant issues among members, which include representatives from 22 public Ibero American trade promotion organizations. 

    There have been three annual meetings of trade promotion organizations: 

      1. Madrid, Spain, June 17 –18, 1999 – The constitution and functioning framework of the Ibero American Network of Trade Promotion Organizations was approved. Different working groups were formed to discuss foreign trade issues such as information, evaluation, human resources and cooperation among members. 
      2. Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico, June 5-6, 2000 – Discussions where held on different themes, such as information, evaluation, management, and future guidelines (all of which were established as permanent discussion issues), activities of trade promotion organizations and multilateral financial institutions. 
      3. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, May 2-4, 2001 – The main topics at this meeting were: information exchange, creation of vertical web-sites, working teams, update on questions received, methodological considerations, among others. At the same time, an international conference was held in order to introduce workshops about country image, external network, services fees, redefining trade and investment promotion, e-commerce and success cases. The Intelligence Market Workshop was organized to identify information exchange mechanisms through a web-site. 

    On June 27-29, 2001, the Foreign Trade Bank of Mexico (Bancomext) organized the first Promotional Services Seminar. Proexport (Colombia), Procomer (Costa Rica), Prochile (Chile), Corpei (Ecuador), Agexpront (Guatemala), Prompex (Perú) and Bancoex (Venezuela) also participated in the event. 

    Bancomext presented its products, services and sale’s strategy during the Seminar, including: information, counseling, activities with universities, business meetings, market research, export supply, distribution channels, international fairs, entrepreneurial trips, e-commerce, information technologies, telemarketing, among other topics. 

    Web Site 

    As a result of agreements reached at the first annual meeting, Bancomext has developed the Ibero American Network web site: http://www.redib.org/, in order to share information among members, communicate topics of interest and offer on-line conferences. 

    The main sections of the web site are: 

    Library: It includes working papers and conclusions of each annual meeting and the Seminar organized by Bancomext in Mexico. It is worth mentioning that Bancomext is the official administrator of the Ibero American Network web site. 

    Message board: Updated messages for the Network members about changes in different organizations. 

    Chat: Facilitates information exchange. 

    Files: Offers a summary and general issues on the last annual meeting. 

    The 2002 annual Ibero American Network meeting will be held in Brazil. 

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      Posted 18 August 2010 

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