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New variety of passion fruit in the United Kingdom

  • New variety of passion fruit in the United Kingdom

    by Market Insider

    Wednesday, 13 Nov. 2013

    A new yellow variety of passion fruit arrived in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as part of scheme to help Kenyan growers supply. Asda says it is the first retailer to sell the new yellow passion fruit from Kenya named Kenyan sunshine passion fruit. The fruit is double the size of the regular purple passion fruit, is described as much sweeter and it can be enjoyed straight from the fruit bowl or added to fruit salad, jellies or mousse; it is also peel-free and is being advertised as a perfect on-the-go snack.

    Kenyan growers of passion fruit are supported by the Department for International Development (DIFD) in a project which helps to become long-term sustainable suppliers to the United Kingdom; launched in 2010, the project has laid the groundwork for a sustainable industry that can help farming families lift themselves out of poverty.

    These new fruits are an excellent example of how leading British companies are joining the fight against global poverty making sure Kenyan farmers can sell their goods, creating new jobs, boosting incomes and ultimately helping end their dependency on aid.

    The Asda Fresh Produce team, which is constantly looking for new and exciting products, said the fruit is likely to be a hit with exotic fruit fans and will bring a ray of sun to the family fruit bowl this autumn. Kenyan sunshine passion fruit is priced at £1 for a pack of two and is available all year round.


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