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Market Dynamics Ornamental Plants - October 2013

  • Market Dynamics Ornamental Plants - October 2013

    by Market Dynamics

    Monday, 04 Nov. 2013

    Netherlands Auctions

    The September 2013 plants auction figures were published as follows. The September fully grown house-plants turnover has increased by 8.8% when compared to the same month of last year, realised with a supply increase of 4.3%, resulting in a total average price for all plants of €1.71 per plant (last year €1.64). The garden-plants turnover has increased by 4%, realised with a supply increase of 4.2%, resulting in a total average price for all plants of 35 Eurocents per plant (last year 35 cents).

    Quite a change in the supplied assortment could be noticed in the house- and garden- plants sector. Many so-called seasonal autumn plants arrived at the market in big quantities: chrysanthemums on pot, ericas, callunas, azaleas, cyclamen and the first poinsettias already. Many of those products were to be used for the approaching All Saints and All Souls Days celebrations. However, they did take quite some share from the traditional assortment. The general price level of the plants was steady for a number of weeks; still, most of the products were slightly cheaper when compared to the same period of the past two years. Even though the share of the pot-orchids, and particularly of the phalaenopsis orchids, was bigger than ever before, prices of the orchids were slightly higher this year during September and October.

    Considerably lower prices, however, were for pot roses and pot chrysanthemums. Quite a strong decrease of the supply of guzmanias was noticed due to production decrease of some 15%. Garden plants were supplied in much smaller quantities this autumn, so far, but it did not create any positive impact on the prices. On the contrary, they were lower than last year in the same period.

    Throughout the second half of October the market remained steady. No real special demand for All Saint and All Souls Days, which is a typical cut-flowers consumption and special cut-flowers arrangements event. However, there was some extra demand for pot chrysanthemums, ericas and callunas.

    Netherlands Importers

    The September 2013 export figures from the Netherlands were published by HBAG (Exporter’s Union) as follows. The September 2013 export turnover has increased by 6% when compared to the same month of last year. Per country quite some differences could be noticed. The best and positive results were obtained from countries like France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden and Poland; negative results from Germany, Switzerland and Russia.

    Throughout the whole month of September the fully grown house- and garden- plants market was quite steady, but a bit slower, which can be called normal for this period of the year. It is mainly due to the supply, demand and sales of the seasonal autumn plants campaign. Plants such as pot-chrysanthemums, erica and calluna have been the major products, and would be used for the All Saints and All Souls Days' celebrations.

    Those plants normally can be used as indoor and as outdoor plants, and they are mostly used to decorate graveyards, during the mentioned event, taking place at the very beginning of November. In the green houseplants market the situation was calm, which is considered normal during October, and has been normal during all the previous Octobers. Flowering plants are slightly more demanded and used, especially the phalaenopsis orchids in-pot, but also several other types. The first Christmas plants also arrived in the market, namely poinsettias, cyclamen, azalea, amaryllis in-pot and the small pine plant, called elwoodii. It is expected that the market for green plants will be relatively slower during the months to come.

    In the tropical ornamental plants sector enough new young plant material arrived at the market. Of course, it is also a bit quieter during the months of October and November, mainly due to the use of greenhouse space for the Christmas products. It can be expected that this market will gradually increase right after Christmas.

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