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  • Export Board of Zambia The Export Board of Zambia(EBZ) won the World TPO Award 2006 for the Best TPO from a Least Developed Country. The EBZ has since become the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA).


    For a long time, Zambia was dependent on copper and cobalt exports for generating foreign currency, for jobs and for supporting other activities. But it was obvious that such a narrow range of commodities would never enable Zambia to achieve sustainable economic development and that it was essential to diversify exports. So, in 1985 an Export Development Act was passed, creating the Export Board of Zambia. Two years later the EBZ became operational. Its success was rapid and striking.


    Twenty years ago earnings from non-traditional exports (excluding copper and cobalt) amounted to less than $70 million, less than 10% of total export earnings. By the end of 2005, earnings had topped $560 million, or close to 40% of total export earnings. EBZ originally targeted an average annual increase at 10%. Actually, it rose to over 15% annually.

    EBZ retained a development focus in its work. Focusing on small business, EBZ stated that it “nurtured the entrepreneurial culture and promoted self-employment as an accepted and established alternative means of livelihood for a greater proportion of Zambians.” In its work, it also “promoted the development of women entrepreneurs and addressed crosscutting issues such as HIV and AIDS.”

    EBZ focused on small business, nurturing the entrepreneurial culture and promoting self-employment as an accepted alternative means of livelihood for a greater number of Zambians. The development of women entrepreneurs was also encouraged.

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