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    New Books and Technical Papers(2)


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2005
    Get Connected: E-applications in the textile and clothing sector

    166 pages. Study focusing on how developing country producers could successfully apply new e-applications and secure post-quota exports in light of changing nature of textile and clothing business after January 2005 (when quotas were phased out). Elaborates principles to guide exporters in adopting e-applications so as to develop fruitful long-term relationships with major buyers; deals with e-applications in the European Union and the United States; presents examples of exporters in developing countries that have successfully found approaches to integrate their systems with those of customers/suppliers; includes case studies from Hong Kong (China) buying, sourcing and trading offices, and e-applications used by Singapore trading houses and manufacturers.

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    Source-it - Global material sourcing for the clothing industry

    201 pages. Guide dealing with dynamics of the global textiles and clothing supply chain, and why and how garment manufacturers need to develop alternative sourcing and supply management approaches. Reviews historical background; discusses Chinese advantage in the international garment industry; explains different stages involved in material sourcing process; deals with fabric and trim sourcing; discusses politics of trade; includes case studies. Appendices cover preferential access to the European Union, summary of United States rules of origin, measures and conversions, and shipping terms/Incoterms; also includes glossary of related terms.

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    International wooden furniture markets: A review

    233 pages. Joint ITC-International Tropical Timber Organization review of wooden furniture markets in Canada, China, Egypt, Japan, United States and selected countries in the European Union (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden). For each country, provides overview of basic demand factors and market drivers, domestic furniture industry, market trends and developments, distribution channels and market access conditions. Deals with technical standards, as well as international and national certification schemes in the furniture sector; identifies furniture networks and clusters; outlines strategy for developing wooden furniture sector in tropical countries; outlines step by step value-added processing of wooden furniture in tropical countries, based on local conditions. Includes statistical data, selection of German furniture standards, list of useful contacts in China and list of members of the Global Forest and Trade Network.

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    Training and Consulting: Designing, developing and delivering training and consulting interventions

    158 pages. Handbook on training and consulting skills, aimed at trainers providing business development training and counselling services to small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries. Addresses designing, managing and delivering training and consulting services; comprises the following modules: 1. The learner and the learning environment; 2. Counselling and consulting; 3. Designing training programmes; 4. Tools for trainers; 5. Delivering training programmes; 6. Managing training programmes.

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