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  • Development of a National Trade Portal in Bangladesh

    • DatesMay 2013 - Dec 2014
    • Project #INT/U1/130A
    • BudgetUSD 38,782

    Project objective

    The project aims at implementing effective processes and systems at the Ministry of Commerce, and build skills focusing on content and services development on the future Bangladesh National Trade Portal. The project aims to ensure that the portal provides highly relevant and timely competitive intelligence on issues, sectors and themes highlighted in the Ministry's terms of reference. The project will actively engage with local counterparts in the field of training, service development, sustainability of content feeds and impact monitoring to ensure alignment with local exporters and TSIs' needs and complementarity with local trade intelligence services providers. The ultimate purpose of the project is that a highly relevant National Trade Portal has been created for Bangladesh, with ITC's active contribution, providing a key communication tool for the local business community, portraying Bangladesh as leading in innovation via the delivery of engaging, fast, reliable, high quality and up-to-date trade information and related services. The project aims to establish solid sustainability measures in terms of local stakeholders' staff capacity to manage and maintain the portal's content and services over time.

    Beneficiary countries

    • 2013 Bangladesh
    • 2014 Global