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  • Fiji: Improvement of key services to agriculture

    • DatesJun 2012 - Dec 2016
    • Donor(s)European Union
    • Project #FIJ/75/30A
    • BudgetUSD 3,321,000

    Project objective

    This EC Programme, funded from the Multi-Annual Indicative Programme on Accompanying Measures for Sugar (AAP2011), is designed to alleviate poverty in Fiji's sugar cane belt by supporting income generating opportunities in non- sugar agriculture. Poverty, and the fall into poverty of groups at risk, will be tackled by building capacity to enable the poor to take up opportunities and other economic activities through strengthening of farmers associations, development of private sector partnerships and agri-food value chains through better agricultural research, support services and extension service delivery. The programme to be implemented through the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Communities (SPC) aims at improvement of key services to non-sugar agriculture in order to improve and consolidate farming systems in Fiji with the ultimate goal of income generation through alternative livelihoods for poverty alleviation. Development issues to be addressed and rationale: 1. Pervasive poverty (over 30% of the population), which has recently been exacerbated by a sharp drop in the export prices of sugar; 2. Sub-optimal organization of value chains, which leads to (i) inefficiencies in production and wastage, (ii) uncertain and insufficient supply of food produce of appropriate varieties and quality to meet market requirements; 3. Lack of market information and other support services which impairs decision- making and dialogue between agricultural producers, processers, exporters, providers of finance, development agencies and government agencies. Overall objective: Cushion economic & social impact of sugar sector restructuring by: -Supporting market-driven commercial agriculture; -Promoting alternative livelihoods & supplementary income generation from activities complementary to sugar farming; -Alleviating risks related to natural disasters; -Stabilise and/or increase revenues of poor sugar belt producer communities Specific development objective: Key services to agriculture, supply capacities, market linkages & value chain performance are improved. Producer community income is increased.

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    • 2012 Fiji
    • 2013 Fiji
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    • 2015 Fiji