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  • Cambodia - Sector-wide silk project, product and market development

    • DatesFeb 2008 - Jun 2010
    • Project #CMB/61/87Z

    Project objective

    A comprehensive silk sector strategy has been developed in 2005/2006 in a bottom-up approach involving all major stakeholders of the sector from sericulture producers, to weavers, designers and exporters. Implementation of the project will contribute to the achievement of the vision of the strategy: to create a competitive and well-organized silk sector that can generate income and employment to reduce poverty for all stakeholders along the supply chain. The project has the following objectives: (i) increasing supply of silk cloth in Phnom Penh for large producers and exporters; (ii) improving quality management and (iii) enchancing marketing and promotion of Cambodian silk and silk products.

    Beneficiary countries

    • 2008 Cambodia
    • 2009 Cambodia
    • 2010 Cambodia
    • 2012 Cambodia