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  • Cambodia - Sector-wide silk project II

    • DatesMar 2010 - Apr 2012
    • Donor(s)New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAID)
    • Project #CMB/49/05A
    • BudgetUSD 814,793

    Project objective

    Building on the achievements realised in phase I, the project aims at alleviating poverty among 39 weaver communities and at enhancing the competitiveness of the Cambodian silk sector by: 1) Upgrading the weaver's technical skills in weaving, order handling and management; 2) Improving market access and enabling weavers to meet national and international silk demand market requirements in terms of quality and quantity; 3) Strengthening weaver communities through increased networking and cooperation; 4) Improving design and product development capacities of producers and intermediaries such as weaving associations and exporting businesses; 5) Ensuring reliable supply of raw materials, tools and equipment through the creation of village-based purchasing units.

    Beneficiary countries

    • 2010 Cambodia
    • 2011 Cambodia
    • 2012 Cambodia