Total population
(growth rates per annum)
6,798,635 in 2012 with growth rates of 7.9% p.a during 2008-2012
Population density
(people per sq. km of land area)
81 in 2012
Female population 29.9% in 2012
Population below 15 years of age 14.4% in 2008 ; 14.9% in 2012
Urban population 83.3% in 2012
Population living below $1.25 a day at purchasing power parity (PPP) NA
Ranking in the Human Development Index (HDI) 41 out of 186 in 2012
Evolution of the Human Development Index (HDI)
Source: United Nations Development Programme Human Development Indicators

Note: The Human Development Index measures the overall development of a nation and ranges from 0 (low level of development) to 1 (highest level of development). The United Nations Development Programme ( provides a detailed explanation. ITC Regional group refers to ITC definition

Health Life expectancy at birth (years) (77); Mortality rate, under-5 (per thousand live births) (8.4) in 2012
Education Education index - expected and mean years of schooling (rank) ( 73 out of 191) in 2012
Income level GNI per capita in PPP terms (constant 2005 international $) ( ) in 2012
Inequality Inequality-adjusted HDI (rank) (n.a) in 2012
Poverty Multidimensional Poverty Index (rank)( 99 out of 191) in 2012
Gender Gender inequality index (rank) (109 out of 191) in 2012
Sustainability NA