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NTF II Senegal

  • A surge in demand for mangoes in recent years, particularly in the U.S. and Europe, is a boon for Senegal, which produces 80 000 tonnes of the exotic fruit and accounts for 0.25% of global production and 0.4% of the world's exports. Growing demand prompted the Government of Senegal's Accelerated Growth Strategy (AGS) to identify the mango as a strategic product because it is grown locally in a large geographical area and increased exports generates more income and jobs as well as improved food security. A number of national and regional institutions support the country's mango industry while development partners contribute technical assistance. The NTF II Senegal project is designed to complement these activities by focusing primarily on improving the sustainable export competitiveness of the mango sector in the Niayes region, targeting the European Union market.

    Reinforcing support institutions

    The NTF II project promotes the liberalisation of the mango industry within the Coopérative Fédérative des Acteurs de l’Horticulture au Sénégal (CFAHS). The first stage involved a study on the inventory of support services provided by specialised committees to create a favourable environment to support the exports. The functions of national export promotion agency ASEPEX and CFAHS in mango export were assessed in the next stage and recommendations made to strengthen their roles.

    Operational aspects of building, finance and export marketing of mango

    To help all actors in the mango industry value chain improve export competitiveness, the NTF II project strengthens the skills of public and private sector trade support institutions (TSIs), including CFAHS and ASEPEX, in areas including contracts, quality, packaging and export financing. Legal security will be enhanced by way of contractual agreements between producers, buyers and exporters in Niayes and key players in the mango industry. The capacities of businesses and TSIs will be enhanced so they better understand the requirements of European markets in terms of traceability, quality, packaging and packing of mangoes. Project beneficiaries are also assisted in developing a strategy to market and promote using the new "Mangoes from Senegal" label to underscore the uniqueness of Senegalese mangos to target markets. An information and business intelligence unit within ASEPEX will facilitate access to information regarding decisions to develop export markets.

    Regarding the NTF II Senegal project

    The Netherlands Trust Fund II programme is based on a four-year (April 2009 to March 2013) partnership between the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Netherlands Centre for Promotion of Imports (CBI) from developing countries. The NTF II program is funded by the Netherlands Government and executed by ITC in collaboration with the Senegalese Agency for Export Promotion (ASEPEX)-Senegal Ministry of Commerce and the Federal Cooperative of Horticulture Actors in Senegal (CFAHS). The project aims to build sustainable competitiveness in Senegalese mango export and in the Niayes in particular.

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