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NTF III – Programme objectives


    The Netherlands Trust Fund III (NTF III) - Export Sector Competitiveness Programme is based on a partnership agreement between the Dutch Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the International Trade Centre (ITC). The agreement was signed in July 2013. NTF III builds on and continues the successful cooperation between ITC and CBI. This cooperation has been embodied in a series of programmes called Netherlands Trust Fund I (NTF I), which ended in 2009 and the Netherlands Trust Fund II (NTF II), which started in 2009 and ended in June 2013.

    The sought outcome of the NTF III programme is to enhance export competitiveness of selected sectors in selected developing countries. As a result of the programme the beneficiary sectors should increase their export sales and/or volumes as well as acquire new clients and markets. The sectors and countries selected are:

    • IT and IT-enabled services (IT&ITES) in Bangladesh, Kenya and Uganda
    • Tourism in Myanmar
    • Avocado in Kenya
    • Coffee in Uganda

    The outcome will be achieved by delivering results in four output areas, which are:

    • Validated sector and enterprise development plans in place
    • Export capacities of SMEs increased
    • Improved capacities of sector trade support Institutions (TSIs) to provide services to export-oriented enterprises
    • Expanded business linkages between beneficiary SMEs and potential foreign clients.

    Sector development plans will provide a roadmap to exporters and national stakeholders on how to accelerate export growth. Enhancing export capacities both at SME level and by supporting local trade support institutions will make export competitiveness sustainable. Expanded business linkages with potential importers will increase exporting opportunities for SMEs in existing and new foreign markets.

    The sought impact of the programme is to create and maintain jobs in the selected sectors at producer, processor, and exporter level. Job creation reduces poverty and is positively correlated to other measures alleviating poverty such as access to health and education.

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