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    What is an NTF III Company?

    An “NTF III Company” is a company that has been selected out of a large pool of applicants to be one of the beneficiaries of the United Nations/WTO International Trade Centre 1.2 Million USD project for Kenya’s IT&ITES sector, stemming from the Netherlands Trust Fund.

    The project will run from 2014 until 2017 and will benefit 33 Kenyan companies, active in IT and BPO.

    These companies have succeeded a stringent and highly competitive selection process and will work closely with the International Trade Centre during the years to come, benefitting from a myriad of trainings and workshops (for example on marketing and sales, on access to finance and on creating a presence in virtual marketplaces), guidance and mentoring. The companies will be invited to international trade fairs as well as to B2B events, introducing them to foreign clients.

    In Kenya, 280 applications from companies were reviewed and evaluated in a multi-step procedure by three international IT experts.

    The review criteria included but were not limited to:

    • the companies’ financial soundness
    • value proposition
    • demonstrated IT expertise
    • clarity of strategy – notably its export strategy
    • size of the company
    • attitude towards employment of women
    • availability of marketing communication material (e.g. web site, brochures) etc.

    At the end of a thorough selection process, the following 33 Kenyan companies were identified as being the best candidates for benefiting from ITC’s export-enhancing measures. We congratulate them for being part of the NTF III project.

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