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  • The NTF III Kenya avocado project seeks to improve the export performance of the avocado sector in Kenya, by increasing exporter competitiveness, thereby enabling low income farmers and SMEs to benefit from increased exports. The project will contribute towards poverty reduction by generating employment income. Overview of the Avocado sector in Kenya

    Overview of the Avocado sector in Kenya

    Although Kenya's commercial production of avocado began only 40 years ago, avocados are now estimated to be the fourth most important national fruit crop, behind only to banana, mango and pineapple. Moreover, avocados have grown to represent 17% of Kenya's total horticultural exports.

    Kenya ranks as one of the largest avocado exporters in the world (11th in 2014) and has experienced rapid growth in exports over the last decade. Avocados are produced commercially in seven different provinces of Kenya. 70% of the avocados are grown by smallholder farmers who have 5-20 trees per homestead, 20% by medium scale farmers who have over 100 trees and 10% from commercial plantations which have 10 hectares or more in production.

    Who is benefiting?

    The NTF III project works directly with 12 selected avocado exporters and farmers groups to increase the competitiveness of the sector. The project is focusing on farmers groups comprised of smallholders farmers that need the most support to increase their livelihoods.

    The main Trade Support Institution (TSI) beneficiaries are the Horticultural Crops Directorate (HCD), Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK), and the Export Promotion Council (EPC). Other companies and institutions, as well as Kenya as a country are also benefiting indirectly from enhanced sector competitiveness, increased exports and job creation.

    How are they benefiting?

    The project aims at enhancing export competitiveness of Kenya’s avocado sector by 1) updating Avocado Commodity Business Plan, 2) increasing export capacity of exporting SMEs and farmer groups, 3) improving support services provided by Trade and Investment Support Institutions, and 4) improving sector positioning and business/technical linkages in markets.

    Main results achieved so far?

    Some of the main results the project has achieved since the inception include:

    • Avocado Commodity Business Plan and Market Opportunity Study developed and disseminated at national level;
    • Export capacity of SMEs increased through capacity building trainings and upgrading of marketing plan and materials; and
    • Exports to new clients and markets achieved through participations in major international trade fairs (i.e. Fruit Logistica, World of Perishables).

    Contact information

    RANCHON, Adrien
    +41 22 730 0322
    Project Manager – Kenya Avocado
    Netherlands Trust Fund Programme Phase III (NTF III)

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