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    Augusto Solano, President of Ascolflores

    "It is a great pleasure to us at Ascolflores to see the release of the new version of ITC's Standards Map tool and its new modules to analyse sustainability standards and enable producers to do a self-assessment against the standards' requirements: the Standards Map is a much needed and very unique repository of sustainability standards' information that benefits producers and exporters in better understanding market requirements and opportunities for reaching sustainability goals. We expect a very high uptake of the Standards Map and we wish ITC a big success in making the whole business community aware of the existence of this useful resource, from producers and exporters to buyers and retailers."



    Beth MWANGI, Managing Director of IDEAL MATUNDA, a company which works with over 3000 small producers of fresh avocado fruits in Kenya. 

    The small producers of IKEAL MATUNDA are already certified to GlobalG.A.P, but they wish to explore compliance to other voluntary standards such as Fairtrade, Ethical Trade Initiative and the British Retailer Consortium -- Food Safety. See in a few minutes how Standards Map was able to assist them.

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