Market Analysis Workshop I - Fiji

Training or workshop
Date05 Aug. 2013 - 07 Aug. 2013
VenueSuva Business Centre
ITC ContactJulia SPIES


This training is offered in the context of the project “Improving Key Services to Agriculture in Fiji,” implemented by the ITC and funded by the European Union (EU). The training is organized in collaboration with the Fiji Crop and Livestock Council (FCLC). The objective of the training is to strengthen the market analysis and research skills of exporters, market analysts, trade advisors and staff of Trade Support Institutions in Fiji. Specifically, the training workshop aims to reinforce the capacities of participants to: ? identify promising markets by analysing demand, competition and market access conditions (both mandatory as well as voluntary standards), ? access contact details of potential trading partners, ? support trade negotiations with information on national trade performance, bilateral trade and customs tariffs (including preferential trade regimes in force). Participating trade advisers and market analysts will be enabled to provide better advice to clients, policy makers and exporters; participating exporters will develop knowledge to research markets that are of immediate relevance to their products and services. The workshop contributes to ITC’s overall objective of improving global transparency of international trade, and of directly empowering SMEs, trade advisers and policy makers to make better trade related decisions.