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    How will B2B meetings be organized?
    B2B meetings will be scheduled on numbered tables (seating 4) in a dedicated area on 2 and 3 September. Relevant international buyers will be allocated a specific table where all their meetings will take place. All other participants will need to move from one table to another. The appointment schedules indicate the date, time, meeting location (table number), name of person and company to meet and from which country.

    Who will receive an appointment schedule for the B2B meetings?
    All buyers and WBEs that registered for the B2B meeting by submitting the on-line Mach Form and that were approved and selected will receive an appointment schedule. Exceptionally some relevant buyers that did not want to complete the on-line form will also receive an appointment schedule in case they are relevant to the B2B meeting and indicated to ITC with whom they would wish to have a one-on-one meeting.

    What is the duration of the B2B meeting?
    As per request of international buyers and due to time constraints the B2B meetings are scheduled for 15 minutes. This means that WBEs have to be articulate (know their business and how they can fit into the supply chain of the buyer) and demonstrate professionalism by bringing relevant marketing material (including business cards!) and by being on time for their appointment.

    What if companies need more time for their scheduled B2B meeting?
    If companies need more time because new business opportunities were identified, they are requested to arrange for a follow-up meeting at another time outside the pre-arranged meetings.

    On what basis are companies matched?
    Companies are matched on the basis of what they indicated themselves on the completed profile forms. Priority will be given to meetings that are specifically requested by buyers. In addition meetings may also be arranged between WBEs with matching business interests.

    Why should participants go to their meeting table at the indicated time?
    Participants should always follow their schedule and go the meeting table indicated on their appointment schedule. This is important because it happened that two meeting partners did not go to their meeting table because they saw from a distance an empty table and they both believed that the other one was not showing! In case the table is still occupied by other participants these participants will be requested to vacate the meeting table and continue their discussion elsewhere.

    How to make the most of the networking opportunity at WVEF?
    Due to time constraints in many cases not all identified matches could be scheduled into B2B meetings and the pre-arranged B2B meetings should therefore be considered to kick off the interaction. Participants will be provided with tools to pro-actively identify other potential partners and be encouraged to arrange for additional meetings themselves. For instance, in case not all identified matches could be scheduled into B2B meetings, participants are being facilitated with a list of proposed contacts (Trade Leads Line Up). In addition booklets containing the profiles of all participating WBEs will be distributed.

    These profile books serve as important reference material and are source of information for identifying other potential partners.

    How can participants contact additional meeting partners?
    Participants that wish to arrange for additional meetings can make direct contact by making use of the contact details provided in the profile book. Participants may also contact the heads of the country delegation or relevant partner TSI to request assistance for contacting the partner they would like to meet.

    How and when will participants receive their final appointment schedule?
    To avoid no-shows only participants that physically registered on 1 September can collect their final appointment schedule after 16h00 on 1 September at the WVEF registration desk. Respective heads of delegations or partner TSIs are required to confirm and ensure that the companies for whom individual appointments will be pre-arranged are indeed participating. They also will be required to assist in distributing the appointment schedules to their delegation members on 1 September. A week prior to the B2B meetings (26 August 2015) all heads of delegations, partner TSIs and responsible staff will be provided a list of participants indicating for whom an individual appointment schedule will be prepared. It is important to check this list to make sure that all companies that registered for the B2B meetings will receive an individual appointment schedule. In case companies that should not receive an individual appointment schedule are on this list or in case companies are missing they should advise Rob Kohlmann (

    What if a participant cannot honour the scheduled meeting?
    If a participant cannot honour a meeting, they are requested to contact their meeting partner directly. They can find their contact details in the profile books or alternatively may seek assistance from the heads of delegations, partner TSIs and organizers.

    How can companies network without an appointment schedule?
    Companies without an appointment schedule that wish to arrange B2B meetings should be encouraged to make use of the profile book to identify potential business partners. Subsequently the heads of delegations, partners TSIs and organizers can be of assistance in establishing contact.

    How are LOI templates being distributed and collected?
    The heads of delegations and partners TSIs will be provided with the LOI templates designed by ITC for distribution to their delegation members prior to each individual meeting. Mercedes Blazquez ( will do so for Brazilian buyers and Rob Kohlmann ( will do so for international buyers.
    National and regional organisations take the lead in providing business skills training to selected women vendors to ensure that they are prepared to successfully present their products/services and successfully negotiate transactions with buyers.



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