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    • About ITC Evaluation

      The main purpose of ITC’s evaluation function is to promote learning and accountability. In line with ITC Evaluation Policy and UN evaluation-related standards, guidelines and good practices, the Evaluation Unit aims to provide objective and independent assessments of ITC’s performance regarding to achieving the strategic objectives of ITC.

    • Evaluation publications and synthesis

      ITC publishes all ongoing and completed evaluations as well as an Annual synthesis, which extracts commonalities across the different evaluations and identifies the strenghs, weaknesses, opportunities and treats (SWOT) for ITC and its programmes and projects.

    • Independent evaluations of ITC

      As invaluable joint learning and reviewing opportunities, two external independent evaluations of ITC have been conducted respectively in 2006 and 2014, which provided useful strategic insights for ITC moving forward. The 2014 Independent Evaluation of the ITC was conducted by the Saana Consulting, with Bernard Wood as consultants Team Leader. The evaluation findings and recommendations provided timely strategic dimensions for the formulation of the ITC Strategic Plan 2015-2017. The evaluation findings were presented to and discussed at the ITC's Joint Advisory Group (JAG) meeting in June 2014, and the Management Response of ITC was finalized after an ad-hoc JAG session held in January 2015. The evaluation report and the Management Response of the ITC were endorsed by ITC's member countries including donors, clients and other partners.
      It should be noted that the 2014 external Independent Evaluation was considered as an follow up of the 2006 Independent Evaluation of ITC.

    • ITC client surveys

      ITC frequently conducts surveys to better understand its clients’ perceptions and expectations, with a view to improving the quality and relevance of its work.

  • ITC Evaluation policy and guidelines

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    Miguel Jiménez Pont
    Head, Evaluation Unit

    Simon Bettighofer
    Evaluation Officer

    Marianne Schmitt
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