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  • Export Development for Employment Creation - EDEC Morocco

    The main objective of the Export Development for Employment Creation (EDEC) in Morocco is to enhance the competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in order to create sustainable jobs for women and youth through the development of exports. The project will anchor its capacity building and knowledge transfer activities to Trade Support Institutions (TSIs) and specialized institutions supporting export and trade in specific sectors. The project will focus, in particular, on the processed food, sea food products, and leather sectors.

    Projet d’appui à la compétitivité de la chaîne de valeur du secteur textile et habillement (COM-TEXHA) :

    Its overall purpose of the project is to support the Tunisian textile and clothing (T&C) sector, overcome existing challenges, move up the value chain and diversify export markets. The project will work at enterprise level and at institutional level to boost export competitiveness by increasing value addition, particularly in the area of product development and product design.

    Development of SMEs Exports through Virtual Market Places

    The project “Developing SMEs exports through Virtual Market Places” is an innovative project, which aims at unlocking the untapped economic growth potential of SMEs in the MENA region in order to generate employment and more inclusive social and economic development. The project has been prepared in the context of the Deauville Partnership and administrated by the World Bank with the technical support of ITC.

    Building Capacities of TPOs in the Arab region

    The program aims to delivering to TASDEER officials a customized training aimed to building their capacities by acquiring deeper knowledge of key export promotion and export development related issues. In addition to that, undertaking a benchmarking exercise, aimed at identifying key areas of intervention thus providing a clear roadmap for future collaboration between our organizations.

    Enhancing women SMEs Development in the State of Palestine (EWED)

    The project aims at improving competitiveness of women-owned SMEs and increases their participation in export value chains. This will be achieved through enhancing the knowledge and skills of women owned SMEs to produce competitive goods and services, and through strengthening the capacity of the Business Women Forum (BWF), a key trade support institution, to provide more effective services responding to their clients’ needs.

    Business Development: Fostering SME competitiveness and trade amongst the Agadir Agreement countries

    The Agadir Agreement entered into force in March 2007. It is a free trade area between four Arab countries: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, aiming to “developing economic activity, supporting employment, increasing productivity, and improving living standards within the Member Countries”.

    Palestine: Creating One Stop - Shop for Sustainable Business

    Improving the livelihood of the Palestinian women, through expanding women owned/run MSMEs and cooperatives, preserving cultural and agricultural products, and turning them into marketable and exportable products along with the creation of a regulatory environment for the protection of local production and the establishment of incentives for women cooperatives are some of the main goals of this programme.

    Coordinating a Regional Appraoch to overcoming Trade Obstacles related to NTMs accross the Arab Countries

    This project aims to facilitate the coordination and implementation of a regional approach to improve transparency of Non-tariff measures (NTMs) in the Arab region and overcome related trade obstacles.

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