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  • Making trade agreements work for MSMEs and development


    Making trade agreements work for MSMEs and development

    Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of the economies, and they are the ones most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to challenges related to the recovery from the pandemic, MSMEs are also faced with challenges and opportunities, in the tectonic shifts in the global trade and investment landscape, including accelerated digital transformation, disruptive new technologies, climate change, exacerbating inequalities, resilience of the value chains, as well as achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development goals.

    These issues are becoming central to trade agenda in the 21st century. Addressing these new economic and technological challenges require multilateral collaborations to update the global trade rulebook to reflect business realities and build a conducive environment for global trade growth.  

    Some WTO Members have proposed the Joint Statement Initiatives (JSIs) aimed at addressing new issues in global trade in a flexible, pragmatic, and timely way. Substantive progress has been made in the JSIs discussions on e-commerce, investment facilitation, services domestic regulation, and MSMEs; and some WTO Members are also exploring structured discussions on trade and environmental sustainability.

    MSMEs development should be a key element in these discussions. The updated trade rules can help MSMEs around the world, reducing trade costs, opening up new trade and investment opportunities for sustainable development.

    To facilitate joint learning and knowledge sharing, as well as to bring MSMEs and development perspectives to the attention of the policymakers, ITC is launching a series of five webinars on “Making trade agreements work for MSMEs and development”, aiming to assist WTO Members in their endeavours by: 

    • Providing ground-level perspectives and analytical expertise;
    • Bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders to “connect the dots”;
    • Exploring how WTO discussions can contribute to MSMEs growth and inclusive and sustainable development; and,
    • Discussing capacity building needs and identifying ways to address them.

    The five webinars are being organised in the afternoons of:

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    For any technical questions on accessing the webinars, please contact Yardenne Kagan. For questions or suggestions on the webinar series, please contact Quan Zhao.