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  • What is it?

    The ITC EQM practice TOT programmes on “The WTO Agreement on TBT: A Business Perspective”. The programme lasts from five to ten months.   

    The ITC ToT Programme on “The WTO Agreement on TBT:A Business Perspective” aims at developing an understanding in the private sector of the WTO Agreement on TBT and how it can be used to enhance market access for exports. At the end of the entire training process the country will have the capacity to further disseminate awareness about the WTO Agreement on TBT for the business sector with training materials customized by a pool of trained local trainers for various sectors, taking into account national needs.  

    The in-depth Programme was conducted in Bangladesh for the first time and enhanced the skills, knowledge and capacity of a pool of local trainers to deliver similar workshops customised for specific sectors (i.e. Textile and Textile Products, Leather and Leather Products) and taking into account national needs. This innovative approach to develop the capacity of the trainers applied by ITC in Bangladesh can now be replicated in other countries. 

    Who is it for? 

    For national and regional trainers in the area of TBT.  

    For government representatives dealing with TBT issues and for exporters, potential exporters (SMEs) and all those who want to take advantage of the benefits from the WTO Agreement on TBT for maintaining and improving market access for export products. 

    Training material: 

    The ITC Training Pack on “The WTO Agreement on TBT: A Business Perspective” is used as background material. It contains the information necessary to support the preparation and delivery of the Programme.  

    ITC developed the first version of this Training Pack under an ITC programme previously called World Trade Net, and now called Business and Trade Policy Programme that responds to the need for information, practical advice and training for the business community on WTO issues that are directly relevant to their business operations.  

    This Pack has been revised within the framework of the Bangladesh Quality Support Programme (BQSP), funded by the European Commission and implemented by ITC in collaboration with the Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). The Pack has been revised in order to better respond to exporters’ requirements in developing countries and to provide relevant background material for a Train-the-Trainer Programme. This Training Pack consists of the following documents: 

    • Guidelines for Trainers (1/4)  
    • Workshop Materials, consisting of: 
      • Generic Pack (2/4)  
      • Train-the-Trainer Pack (3/4)  
      • Pack for Customization (4/4)
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