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    Colombia is located to the northwest of South America. The country is bordered by Venezuela to the north east, Brazil to the south east, Peru to the south; Ecuador to the southwest and Panama to the northwest. The country has a total land area of 1,138,914 sq km. Climate varies between tropical in the coastal areas, and cooler weather in areas with higher altitude.

    Agricultural sector

    38,587 hectares of Colombia's land is being managed for organic use. It makes up 0.1% of the country's amount of total arable land. Colombia's top 10 agricultural products are whole fresh cow milk, indigenous cattle meat, sugar cane, indigenous chicken meat, plantains, green coffee, paddy rice, hen eggs, potatoes and bananas.

    Brief overview of organic farming
    Columbia is in the process of promoting a new organic brand. The different actors in the country's organic market are relatively independent; they do not form one body. The total area of land under organic management in the country is 38,587 sq km; a total share of 0.09% of agricultural land. The actors which have been involved in the promotion of organic farming for the longest time period are NGOs, certification agencies and producer associations. Other bodies who have recently become actors in the sector include private companies, governmental institutions and universities.

    Brief overview of key organic products
    Major organic products include coffee, tropical fruits, sugar, palm oil, cacao, herbs, medicinal plants, vegetables and basic grains, eggs, milk, yoghurt and cheese.

    The network
    The National Inter-institutional Committee of Organic Agriculture work on Colombia's organic policies and national programme. Environmental authorities work alongside the National Inter-institutional Committee for Organic Agriculture to support reinforce the national organic market.

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