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    Peru is located in the north of South America. The country is bordered by Chile to the south; Bolivia to the southeast; Brazil to the west; Colombia to the north; Ecuador to the northwest and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The country has a total land area of 1,285,216 sq km and has a tropical climate in its eastern region, more desert-like weather in the west and temperate weather in regions of higher altitude.

    Agricultural sector

    Peru's main agricultural products are indigenous chicken meat, paddy rice, potatoes, plantains, whole fresh cow milk, indigenous cattle meat, asparagus, hen eggs, maize and sugar cane.

    Brief overview of organic farming

    There are 124,714 hectares of organic land in Peru and approximately 36,093 organic farms operating in the country. The total amount of certified organic hectares in Peru has significantly increased. Organic land makes up 0.6% of the country's arable land. Coffee and cocoa make up most (94%) of Peru's organic exports. Almost all (97%)of Peru's organically produced products are exported.

    Brief overview of key organic products

    Major organic products include coffee and cocoa; the two most prominent organic exports. Banana, quinoa, cotton, pecans, Brazil nut, onions, asparagus, sesame seeds, amaranth and tomato are also organic products which are exported from Peru.

    The network

    Bio Latina - Certificadora Latino America
    Avenida Arenales # 670
    Lima 11
    Tel.: (51 1) 423 2924
    Fax: (51 1) 424 77 73
    E-mail: central@biolatina.com.pe - iolatin@amauta.rcp.net.pe 
    Website: www.biolatina.com/certificacionn.html 


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