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    Enterprises from developing and least developed countries are largely blocked from trading on e-commerce sites, as they have limited access to payments, logistics and technical solutions and awareness of to legal or fiscal implications of digital trade. E-commerce+ helps overcome these barriers.

    eCOMMERCE+ is composed of different modules, used individually or integrated within a project

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    Online market place which enables sharing payment, logistics and marketing solutions

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    Payment modules ready to integrate into e-commerce sites and market places, compliance with financial regulations

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    Access to cost effective outbound logistics, with storage, pick & pack & ship & returns within the target market

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    eTrade Permit

    Representation services ensuring conformity with legal and fiscal requirements in markets such as the EU, US

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    Internationally recognized qualified digital signature and EV SSL certificates for SMEs and national e-Signature framework

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    Cloud-based solutions and support for sales and customer service to the standards expected by international customers


    • Synchronize catalogs and orders with multiple market places such as Ebay, Amazon etc.

    • Receive international payments

    • Propose cost effective international shipping options including last mile delivery & returns management

    • Structure international customer service issues in a cost effective manner

    • Ensure that goods and services can be legally sold via digital channels


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      ePayment and eMall for Ivory Mall

      Within the context of a major project in Côte d’Ivoire, ITC organised a series of practical training sessions and support for the creation and management of an e-Commerce platform for handicraft and fashion designers in the Ivory Coast. The possibility of acquiring payments through Visa, Mastercard and Paypal has opened the reach to one billion potential customers around the world.

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      France E-logistics

      ITC has implemented an e-logistics partnership in order to warehouse and automatically ship goods ordered from online market places. Door-to-door delivery times are reduced and per shipment costs are 70% lower than shipping directly. Returns of merchandise are handled within the EU, hence avoiding complex returns to the Ivory Coast.

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      eTrade Permit: “Made in Morocco” platform

      In Morocco, ITC assisted the Made in Morocco project to internationalize the platform and control the complete transaction cycle in target markets (including the EU and the US). As a result of ITC’s work, customers from these markets can pay with local payment solutions in their own currency and this has increased confidence in the security and reliability of transactions. ITC’s support has effectively enabled Made in Morocco to start promoting its services as a local company.

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