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    Knowing how to sell products and services depends on more than access to macro-economic data or summarised market information. Behind the numbers are real people, who have perceptions and behaviours about their needs and requirements in making decisions on what they buy.

    With Customers+ ITC has developed a number of tools and techniques that place the customer at the centre of research and planning: a building block for other interventions that aim to improve enterprise competitiveness and a step forward in understanding purchasing drivers.


    • Understand how international reputation of a sector can be improved

    • Get efficient feedback from international customers on pricing, design of products or communications

    • Prepare enterprises to meet with potential buyers: equipping participants with the right materials and commercial arguments

    CUSTOMERS+ is composed of different modules, used individually or integrated within a project

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    Brand health check

    Expert review

    The Brand Health Check is a diagnosis of company’s brand communications and strength of its value proposition to its customers.

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    Online tools and analysis

    ITC’s online tools enable data gathering and feedback collection from international customers, to validate designs, pricing or marketing communications.

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    Customer centric research

    Field Surveys

    Effective research techniques and tools that reveal customers’ preferences and purchasing behaviours.


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      Bangladesh: Brand Health Check lifts quality of IT sector promotion

      In Bangladesh ITC advised ITES service providers how to improve their marketing communications. Companies were sharing their marketing materials, such as company brochures, links to web pages and social media sites, business cards, letterheads, posters, etc., and ITC advised them on what improvements they could make to attract more buyers, particularly in the European market.

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      Zambia: Customer Centric Market Research drives honey branding

      In Zambia, ITC led honey producers through an evaluation of customer perceptions in the local and export markets. Customer buying surveys were completed in Zambia and in Botswana, measuring awareness and preference among different brands of honey and other spreadable products and sweeteners. These results have been used to help the local producers structure their brand plans.

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      Côte d’Ivoire: online price perception survey for fashion goods

      In Ivory Coast ITC verified acceptable price levels for fashion articles sold online. A sample of articles to be sold in the ITC e Mall was included in an online survey sent to a sample of international respondents. They estimated the price they would be willing to pay. The results were used to educate the vendors on the right level of pricing.

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