Study tour to Thailand

Study tour
Date25 Apr. 2016 - 03 May 2016
ITC ContactLudovica GHIZZONI


The purpose of this study tour is to expose participants to best agricultural practices in Thailand involving the improvement of safety and quality of fruits and vegetables. The target products are papaya, pineapple, mango, tomatoes, green chili, and protected agriculture, such as zucchini. It aims to develops concepts on practices to meet regional and international requirements (mandatory, voluntary and private standards such as GLOBALGAP, fair trade, organic) and cover arrangements and approaches made available to farmers implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), pest control, harvest and post-harvest technologies, quality control, collection, packing, transport and point of sale to ensure safety and quality across the supply chain. Participants will be exposed to the regulatory plant health and food safety control system applied in Thailand for export to the region, Middle East and to the EU.