Field training in market development and value addition in the mango sector in Tanzania

Study tour
Date14 Apr. 2014 - 19 Apr. 2014
OrganizerInternational Trade Centre (HQ)
ITC ContactSilencer MAPURANGA


Building capacity of Tanzanian mango growers by field visits and meetings with mango exporters in Bamako (14-16), Sikasso (16-19) and Bamako (19-20) Mali The project’s “East Africa: Promoting Regional Trade” main objective is to strengthen the capacity of SMEs and TSIs in order to increase value addition in agri-food products and related services. The project aims also at the promotion of the East African SMEs exports to international markets, and the improvement of their competitiveness on the regional and international market. AMAGRO provides services and technical support for mango growers in Tanzania. ITC agreed to assist this TSI for the development of export skills of its members. For AMAGRO members, this field mission had the objective to learn from the IFM Mali how the mango sector is managed, assisted and supervised in Mali, and which lessons AMAGRO and its members - mango growers- can learn to add value in the mango chain in Tanzania. During the AMAGRO mission to Berlin in February 2014, AMAGRO team met the representatives of IFM Mali (inter-profession of mango sector and agreed to build a partnership to help each other in the mango business development. Since 2005, Mali has been assisted by ITC in mango development and now, the country has a good experience in the exporting trade of mango in European countries. IFM Mali agreed to share information with Tanzania to develop new products and markets, and to add value to the mango chain in the country. The main challenge of the mission was to build a partnership between two developing African countries, in view to jointly implement actions for adding value in the exports of mangoes. The final objectives are to increase income of rural people in the countries and to create employment in the agricultural sector, including women and youth.