Launch Event in Gambia (en)

Stakeholder meeting
Date17 juin 2014 - 20 juin 2014
Ville et paysBanjul
Contacte de l’ITCCharles ROBERGE


The Gambia launches Sector Development and Export Strategies for Cashew and Sesame on June 18, in an event taking place in parallel with the EIF Board Meeting in Banjul. ITC facilitated the design of the strategies under the EIF’s Sector Competitiveness and Export Diversification Project (SCEDP) to develop alternatives to groundnuts, the main Gambian export commodity. The strategies’ plans of action aim to boost the competitiveness of Gambia’s dynamic cashew sector and to improve its performance in regional and international markets. For sesame, an emerging staple, the strategy addresses supply-side constraints and aims to strengthen sector institutions. ITC is also mandated under SCEDP to provide capacity-building in implementation management to national stakeholders.