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    Understanding e-commerce in Africa


    "Expectations are running high in Africa that e-Commerce can be a source of accelerated economic growth, offering opportunities to firmsy, small and large, and promoting greater integration between markets. Estimates of the size of e-commerce business in Africa put the business at about $22 billion by 2022. But data and analysis on local marketplaces is hard to come by or highly incomplete.
    Recognizing this gap in data and analysis, ITC set about studying the relative strength of e-commerce marketplaces in Africa countries and, together with research partner Centre for Market Insights (CMI) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, have built a comprehensive data set. Over 630 B2C product-based marketplaces active in Africa have been identified and their characteristics tabulated. The research team has also referenced existing data sources and studied the information provided by the top marketplaces operating in Africa.
    You can also access the accompanying report "Business and policy insights: Mapping e-Marketplaces in Africa", where the researchers provide answers to some of the most relevant questions posed by policymakers or entrepreneurs aiming to understand:

    • What are the key trends impacting the take-up of e-commerce, and the use of marketplaces?
    • What is the relative level of adoption of marketplaces by African countries?
    • Which marketplaces are achieving success and why?
    • Which marketplaces are open to small African firms, and how might they support the development of this business in the Continent?
    • What are the conditions of access to online marketplaces?"