Trade Facilitation


According to the World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI) (2012) which measures countries’ trade logistics efficiency, Moldova, a land-locked country, was ranked 104th out of 155 countries. The country’s performance is below the regional average (Europe and Central Asia) and on par with the income level average, meaning that Moldova has a less conducive climate for trade. Its strongest logistics indicators are tracking and tracing, while its lagging ones are quality of transport and IT infrastructure for logistics, and efficiency and effectiveness of customs and other border procedures which adversely affect both trade costs and reliability of cross-border movement of goods.In Moldova, no system is in place to assign exporting companies to a corridor based on its credit his­tory. Which corridor the exporting entity will pass through is left up to the customs officer’s discretion. Mostly due to the lack of efficiency in customs procedures, Moldova lags behind its neighbours in terms of time associated with the cross border trade. This is confirmed by the World Bank Doing Business Report (2013), which states that exporting and importing a standard container of goods takes 32 days and 35 days respectively, while other countries of the region take on average 25 days and 26 days.

Logistics Performance Index (LPI): Country Comparison
Logistics Performance Index – Evolution