Business and Regulatory Environment


The World Bank Doing Business Report (2013) ranked Moldova 78th out of 185 economies. Among the 10 categories analysed by this study, Moldova excels in getting credit (ranked 13rd). Since 2009, Moldova has made progress in business environment reform, including approving a new credit bureau law, establishing its first private credit bureau, and introducing new grounds for relief from an automatic stay during insolvency and restructuring proceedings. However, it lags behind in trading across borders. Although the Government has taken steps to reduce monopolies over exports and imports and simplify licensing procedures, the business and investment cli­mate is a key determinant of further development of trade in Moldova. The costs of doing business are a more pressing issue for exporters than trade policy in the narrow sense (tariffs, for instance) and price competitiveness/real exchange rate issues. Moldova’s market economy suffers from a weak institutional framework and thus lacks a level playing field for market competition. A Bertelsmann Stiftung (2012) report suggests that the transition period gave certain major economic players privileged access to political decision-makers and because of the entanglements between politics and business, the state does not apply the law consistently. Therefore, improvements in the performance of govern­ment agencies serving trade flows (customs, border controls, certification etc.), regulatory reforms, and investments into transport, financial and other infrastructure are needed.

The Business Environment: Doing Business

Multilateral Trade Instruments


The Trade Treaties Map tool is a web-based system on multilateral trade treaties and instruments designed to assist trade support institutions (TSIs) and policymakers in optimizing their country's legal framework on international trade

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