Trade Facilitation


According to the World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI) (2014), which measures countries’ trade logistics efficiency, Yemen was ranked 144th out of 160 countries in the year of 2014. On all indicators, Haiti fell behind the regional average of Latin America& Caribbean, the average of the low income group, and two comparator economies. On the other hand, its LPI ranking has declined after the 2010 earthquake and started to rise again in 2014. This observation is in line with the World Bank Doing Business Report (2013) that Haiti does less favourably than most comparator economies and groups on the ease of trading across borders. Detailed speaking, in Haiti, it requires 8 documents to export and 10 documents to import respectively, both of which are higher than the regional average and OECD high income average. It takes 33 days to export and 31 days to import, which are doubling the regional average and tripling the average of OECD high income countries. Nevertheless, it costs a bit less to export and import in Haiti than the regional average, yet still much higher than the cost of OECD countries. Furthermore, there has been no observation of reform taking place in the past 4 years as reported by the Doing Business Report. 

Logistics Performance Index (LPI): Country Comparison
Logistics Performance Index – Evolution