Trade Facilitation


According to the World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI) which measures countries’ trade logistics efficiency, Gabon was ranked 131st out of 155 countries. The figures of customs, infrastructure, international shipments, logistics competence and tracking and tracing are behind the regional average of Sub-Saharan African countries, while its performance in timeliness is better than those countries (World Bank 2012). While inspection, whether pre-shipment or at destination, is mandatory for all member states of CEMAC, Gabon is exceptional that it does not implement neither procedure (WTO 2013). The OECD also measures the performance of trade facilitation in Gabon and highlighted that Gabon’s best performance is in the area of fees and charges, whereas Gabon’s performance for the involvement of the trade community, advance rulings, automation and streamlining of procedures is below the averages of Sub-Saharan African and upper middle income countries (OECD 2013). According the World Bank Doing Business Report (2013), Gabon is ranked 135th among 189 economies. While in the region, low levels of infrastructure are constraints to opening up and integration with other countries, the ranking of Gabon is higher than most the comparable economies in Africa and regional average of Sub-Saharan African on the ease of trading across borders, as it requires fewer document, less time and less cost to trade (both export and import). Yet its performance is still below the average of OECD high income countries (World Bank 2013). Currently, Gabon is undertaking a series of actions to enhance its trade facilitation capacity under the auspices of a trade facilitation implementation plan initiated by UNCTAD in 2012 (WTO 2013).

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