Trade Facilitation


According to the World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI) (2012) which measures countries’ trade logistics efficiency, the Congo was ranked 149th out of 155 countries. All indicators except timeliness are below the averages of the low income and Sub-Saharan Africa countries. This is mostly in line with the finding of the OECD Trade Facilitation Indicator that the Congo performed better in the area of internal border agency cooperation, whilst its performance for involvement of the trade community, advance rulings, harmonisation and simplification of documents and automation is below the averages of Sub-Saharan African and low middle income countries. The World Bank’s Doing Business Report (2014) also reaffirms that the Congo’s performance in facilitating trade across border is lower than the regional average and its comparator economies. In specific, the Congo requires more documents, more days and higher cost to export and import than the average of Sub-Saharan African, and the procedures are proved to be lengthy and costly. Nonetheless, local government has taken reforming measures to decrease the cost, time and number of documents. For instance, World Bank (2014) has observed a recent implementation of prearrival processing of ship manifests and improvements in customs administration.

Logistics Performance Index (LPI): Country Comparison
Logistics Performance Index – Evolution