Evolution of the Human Development Index (HDI)
Source: United Nations Development Programme Human Development Indicators

Note: The Human Development Index measures the overall development of a nation and ranges from 0 (low level of development) to 1 (highest level of development). The United Nations Development Programme ( provides a detailed explanation. ITC Regional group refers to ITC definition

Health Life expectancy at birth (years) (59); Mortality rate, under-5 (per thousand live births) (89.5) in 2012
Education Education index - expected and mean years of schooling (rank) ( 171 out of 191) in 2012
Income level GNI per capita in PPP terms (constant 2005 international $) ( ) in 2012
Inequality Inequality-adjusted HDI (rank) (118 out of 191)in 2012
Poverty Multidimensional Poverty Index (rank)( 12 out of 191) in 2012
Gender Gender inequality index (rank) (14 out of 191) in 2012
Sustainability Adjusted net savings (% of GNI) (n.a) in 2012